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Residential stone flooring examples from Floored... by designNothing exemplifies beauty and power of nature like Natural Stone. Floored by Design has gathered the finest examples of its timeless elegance in our Natural Stone and Marble collection.
Natural Stone adds a sophisticated element to your home and its wonderful appearance, superior engineering characteristics, and easy maintenance makes it a natural choice for floors throughout your home.
Natural Stone is available in a striking array of colors, sizes, textures, and tones. Natural Stone’s durability and longevity make it ideal for many applications, especially flooring.
Natural stones are not manufactured; they are cut and honed from large blocks of stone, which are mined from large stone quarries.

Natural stones are obtained from all over the world, and include:

  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Slate

One beautiful characteristic of natural stone is that there may be extreme variation in color and veining from tile to tile. This characteristic is common in many types of stone, and is part of the inherent beauty of using a natural product in your home.

Come by our showroom and see our collection of natural stone.  We think you will be floored by design.

Floored... by Design residential stone flooringYou can also check out these manufacturer’s websites for design ideas to share with your design specialist when you visit our showroom.