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Acid stained concrete is the most widely recognized form of decorative concrete and stamped concrete is the second most recognized form of decorative concrete.

It is has been popular for several years.  The challenge is that it typically cannot be cost-effectively done over an existing slab.

Stamped concrete is the process of making an impression on a freshly poured slab to shape the slab into whatever type or style of flooring you wish to make.  You must stamp the concrete immediately after pouring to ensure the texture will take.  There are many different types of stamps such as cobblestone, brick, random stone, flag stone, slate, etc.  Once the slab is stamped it is allowed to cure for a period of time prior to coloring.  The only drawback to stamped concrete is the coloring process.  Due to the multiple mixes or content in each bag or load of concrete it is difficult to ensure exact coloring.  While we can get close, it must be understood that the color on a sample board cannot be exactly matched to the slab.  The plus side is that the concrete impression is permanent.

Decorative concrete, whether stamped or overlaid, is so close to the real thing that most people cannot tell the difference.  It is a beautiful product that is endless in uses, designs, colors, and applications. 

  • The Stamped Concrete Process

    The slab must first be poured and spread evenly for finishing.
    The slab is then floated and smoothed out to prepare it for stamping.
    Then large flexible stamps are set out in the desired pattern and pressure is applied with a stamping tool to leave the pattern and texture impression in the concrete slab.
    Detailing is done to smooth out grout lines, texture, etc. for a finished look.
    Color is applied in many different ways. Topical color, integral color…
    Color can be sprayed, painted, or wiped on to achieve the desired look.