• We can use your existing cracks as grout lines to help create a large random stone look at about half the price of replacing your current driveway.

  • Be unique in your neighborhood.

    Let us put your college logo, your business logo, or your favorite sports team logo on your driveway.

  • Add elegance and a touch of class by turning your driveway into an outdoor canvas.

    The choices are endless. We can add borders, tile lines, texture, etc. to your otherwise dull, drab, gray driveway. Use every space you have to show off the design of your home.

  • If you want your house to be noticed we can help.

    Let us help sell your house like this home owner did by transforming this house into the most desirable in the neighborhood.

  • Aadd a touch of elegance to your home by transforming your driveway into a visual canvas instead of a piece of gray concrete.

  • The design options are endless.

    Whether a compass rose, a Texas Star, or a lovely swan design, your driveway can be made an extension of your décor instead of a distraction.

    Come by our showroom and let us Floor you with our Designs.

  • Diamond inserts hide a multitude of ugliness. Hide oil and brake fluid stains or other blemishes with our colorful acid stains and designs.


Floored by Design concrete drivewaySTOP! WAIT…… Don’t replace your cracked, broken, or ugly driveway. Let Floored…by Design transform your broken driveway into a work of art. We use your existing cracks and convert them into grout lines for a large stone pattern. We then use an elastomeric sealer to stop the water flow from washing out your driveway. The best part is that it will cost you much less than replacing your driveway.

We can also change your existing dull gray driveway into an eye-catching canvas that will add value to your home and make it the envy of the neighborhood. A simple decorative concrete brick border, a random stone walkway, cobblestone driveway, or any other design you may wish. Make your house stand apart by adding a touch of class to the one item that can take away from the beauty of your home – the driveway.