• So what does Decorative Concrete look like?

    The first step is to remove the existing floor all the way down to the slab. The slab must be prepared with a diamond bit grinder in order to prepare it for our base coat of polymer.

  • Preparing the floor

    We are now ready to create your desired floor. In this case we taped off the grout lines to shape the floor into 2’ x 2’ square tiles. We then add our texture coat. This is the coat you will actually walk on.

  • Adding the color

    Next we apply the pre-determined color to the floor. Depending on your choice of flooring the color is either hand painted, sprayed, or wiped on, adding highlights or shadow boxes, as seen above. You can now see the floor begin to take shape.

  • Creating the desire color.

    Once the floor is colored we apply the sealer to the desired level to deepen the color.

  • Now we're done!

    Once the sealer completely dries you are ready to enjoy your unique, one of a kind, concrete floor.

  • Time to show off your unique floor!

    You will be able to repeatedly see your friends and neighbors get down on their knees to feel your concrete wood floors, only to tell you…. “ this has to be wood”. They will be “Floored by Design” just like you have been.

Decorative Concrete

When people first here the words “Decorative Concrete” an overwhelming percentage of people automatically think stained concrete.   A small percentage is actually aware of stamped concrete.   Even fewer people are aware of the amazing potential of decorative concrete overlays for both interior and exterior flooring.    You can visit each web page for a description of acid stain and stamped concrete surfaces.  This page is dedicated to what you have not seen, “Decorative concrete overlays”.

Decorative concrete overlays are the fastest growing segment of interior hard surface flooring in recent years.   What makes it so appealing is the durability and flexibility that it allows. We can imitate almost any type of traditional flooring such as wood, ceramic, stone, slate, granite, etc.  Our decorative concrete floors offer all the benefits of its traditional flooring counterpart without all the downsides.  For example:  Wood and laminate floors don’t take moisture very well.  Pets, water spills, they scratch, gouge, buckle, and swell.  They also have to be refinished regularly.  Concrete wood floors are not affected by moisture like wood floors, they are 5000 psi making them stronger than the concrete slab that they are installed over, and they don’t have to be refinished due to high heel marks, or common scratches like traditional wood floors.

Take a moment to view the slide show which will help explain the overall process.
The only thing you need to remember is, you must have a concrete slab for us to work with.  We cannot do concrete flooring over wood subfloors.

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