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When hearing the words “decorative concrete,” most people automatically assume acid stained concrete.  Acid stain slabs are beautiful but they have a lot of limitations.  As the installer I am at the mercy of the canvas that I have to work with.  I strongly recommend acid staining only new slabs.  The reason for this is contaminates.  Any old glue, stains, cracks, chemical spills, paint, etc. could affect the staining process.  I have yet to see an old slab take an acid stain without problems.  Did you know that over 20% of acid stain floors fail?  The reasons for failure are many but it is important to communicate with your builder and installer prior to the slab being poured.  This will ensure a quality job and lower the failure rate.

Floored by Design has an acid stain process for existing slabs.  Very few people have heard of overlaid acid stains.  This process can be used both for interior and exterior applications.  We prepare the slab, apply a polymer over the slab and stain the top coat.  We can achieve a consistent color with a neutral canvas each time to ensure you get the acid stained look you want.

Come see our showroom and you will be “Floored by Design”.

  • Learn how an improper acid stained floor will look

    Improper preparation, poor application, or contaminants can cause these results.
    Staining an old existing slab is just not a good idea. You have no control over the outcome.
    Improper application will cause roller marks, brush marks, etc.
    You should always let a professional apply your acid stain.
    Remember – you get what you pay for!
    Sealer failure will cause the color to literally walk off the floor. Hundreds of floors have failed due to cheap sealer purchased at a paint or hardware store being used by novice installers.
    Improper sealer application will cause bubbles, blistering, speckling, and many other potential problems.
    Leave it to the professionals.